​Yawen Cheng 

graduate student

Yawen Cheng studies the effect of Doppler-shift compensation to echo frequency in the Inferior Colliculus of echolocating bat (Hipposideros pratti).

​​Shasha Zhao

graduate student

Shasha Zhao mainly studies the effect of auditory plasticity to the response characteristics of inferior colliculus neurons on Kunming mice (Mus muscuius) by combining fear conditioning training with extracellular single unit recording.

Guimin Zhang

graduate student

Guimin Zhang is working on the effect of background noise on the vocalization in bats and the underlying neural mechanism through in vivo single cell extracellular recording.

Jian Wang

Graduate student

Jian Wang majors in biochemistry and his research focuses on the inactivation and removal of bacteria in water.


Huimei Wang

graduate student

Huimei  Wang majored in Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation when she was an undergraduate student at Binzhou Medical University. Now, she majors in neurophysiology at the Central China Normal University. She has studied the auditory system of Kunming albino mice (Mus musculus Km) from 2014 to 2016. Since 2017, she has been studying auditory system of echolocating bats by extracellular recording. So far, she has published a paper on Neuroscience.


Huan Ye

graduate student


Huan Ye is studying the experimental technique of in vitro whole-cell patch clamp recordings on brain slices, and being interested in the persistent activity of layer 5 pyramidal neurons in mouse primary auditory cortex.


Dandan Zhou

graduate student


Dandan Zhou majors in neurophysiology at the Central China Normal University. She studies the innate fear behaviors and auditory brainstem responses (ABR) of KM mice in response to different kinds of sound stimulus.

Yao Jiang

graduate student


Yao Jiang studies the relationship between neurodegenerative diseases and ferroptosis in neuroblastoma cells.

Jinzhe Ma

graduate student

Jinzhe Ma majored in neuronal migration as an undergraduate student in Northwest Argricutural & Forest University. Now, he majors in neurophysiology at Central China Normal University. He has studyed neuronal migration of Kunming albino mice(Mus musculus,Km) by In utero electroporation in 2014-2017. And he has been learning extracellular recording.


Dongxia Fu

graduate student

Dongxia Fu majored in biological engineering during her undergraduate study. She mainly studied how to construct the linear expression vector of Pichia pastoris yeast in 2014-2017. Now she is majoring in neurophysiology at Central China Normal University, mainly studying auditory plasticity.


Yabo Liu

graduate student

Yabo Liu studies the mechanism of ferroptosis in neuroblastoma cells and the relationship between ferroptosis and neurodegenerative diseases.


Congcong Liu 

graduate student

Congcong Liu mainly studies  the inactivation and removal of bacteria in water. 


​Zhongdan Cui

graduate student

Zhongdan Cui mainly explores the neurobiological mechanism of animal acoustic communication by  recording their communicating behaviors and electrophysiology.

Nick Wang

undergraduate student

Nick Wang (also known as Xindong Wang) studied biotechnology for his bachelor degree and will join Luo's lab as postgraduate student at Central China Normal University in 2019 (supervised by Jinhong Luo). During his undergraduate time, he studied the regulation of sleep and wake cycle, focusing on synapsin and PSD-95's expression among different brain regions of mice, and since firmly established his ideals of becoming a neuroscientist. He has also accomplished much in ecology and computer science. His work with professor Yang was published in in Int. J. Mol. Sci. His work Shitu was awarded as national second prize in China National College Student "Innovation, Originality and Entrepreneurship" Challenge.